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It had potential...

but it was too short and little effort was put into it. You have good taste because you are a silent hill fan and the idea is good, but you could seriously have expanded upon it.

I gave you a zero...

Because you did not really make this. but I voted 5 because im glad you put this here. thanks ^^

For those of you wondering, the majority of the silent hill endings can be found at Triple W restlessdream dot com


Good fucking job!

Nice work! thats all I have to say! You put alot of work into that :)

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So few furry things on Newgrounds. good to see something fur related. good job!

Hey who did Robotniks voice! ^.^

I don't need to tell you this is a total improvement over your last game. they gotta knock that off and post this up. Only ONE problem with this my good fellow, sometimes the music overlaps the voices. otherwise, its all good! If anyone see's my reveiw on the first one you will know I really hated it, but this one is fun, challenging, and rewarding. Being a mouse I love furries, and if you don't like furrys (anthro animals and such) Don't play this! But if you are looking for a good game to pass the time and keep you challenged, then Farfans got just the thing! Now who was that doing the Robotnik voice hmmmm? Good voice actor ^.-. Okay for anyone besides the author reading this I did that Robotnik voice. So ENJOY THE GAME whoever is playing it next. This game ROCKS steve!

Yeowi responds:

*pets cute mouse* have fun, cause i updated this like crazy, and fixed almost everything

I didn't like this

But you get a 10 and I shall vote 5 because you are a homestar runner fan. and STRONG BAD IS MY HERO!

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