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It had potential...

but it was too short and little effort was put into it. You have good taste because you are a silent hill fan and the idea is good, but you could seriously have expanded upon it.

I gave you a zero...

Because you did not really make this. but I voted 5 because im glad you put this here. thanks ^^

For those of you wondering, the majority of the silent hill endings can be found at Triple W restlessdream dot com


Good fucking job!

Nice work! thats all I have to say! You put alot of work into that :)


Nice effort, but, its been done

Holy shit

How did this win an award? I dont care if its Turd of the week. but man, this is pretty funny. so random and fucked up! good job. Im lovin that song.

Even great things can go bad...

once upon a time Foamy was new and funny. now, he has gotten repetative and old. I have a great respect for your work my freind, but, its kinda getting old now. just not funny anymore. its just been.... done. too many times now. you have skill, so show us something new. let foamy be a classic, dont over use him to the point where people just dont like him anymore. just a thought, I mean no offence at all.

....I am speechless!

... ... Holy crap! this is grade A flash at its finest! good job!

It was nothing but a slide show...

..Of pictures I have seen before. i didn't laugh then an I am not laughing now.

MetroCard responds:

good 4 u

I am spechless!

I inspired you! wow! Heh. I guess it was a good idea. ^.^ So funny. I love these Sobe commercials. The drink aint bad either. lol. Awsome toon i love it and your other ones! keep up the good work! Contact me sometime! :)

Ha ha

Reminds me of the Kid icarus one that Randy Solem made. funny! but the last reveiwer mentiond something to this extent and it got me thinking, Does Strong bad do those ads? LOL sounds like it.

Hey this is a message from Sobe! if you are a loser, like Homestar, then drink a little sobe and become a cool guy.. like me!... or The Cheat!
or fhqwhgads!

never mind

Funny toon! i love it! Good old Marle!

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